External Global Approach

ZN FE and ZN OE with deployments External/ is comes from a directory. This directory, which is part of the EIP architecture, was created to enable common file usage for each project in the multi-project development process. In particular, it is aimed that the structures that are frequently used in the development process of the projects are grouped and written only once and used in all projects. This is unique to the ZN Framework, which opens up serious projects in a very short time.



# Global Directories

Here are the directories that can provide common files for all projects;


Each file belonging to the directories listed above creates a common file provider for all other projects. Notice that it is almost identical to a project's directories except for the Views/ directory.


# Global Usage Priority

File usage priority is critical if the files contained in the External/ include directories contain the same file as any project. File usage priority is the files in the project directory. 

According to priority order;


Thus, even if the file for a project used for the same purpose is in global format, it will not be affected by global imposition.