Library Integration

The ZN Framework provides a number of libraries to facilitate your work and operations, as well as your own libraries ZN Framework This integration process is very easy, all you have to do is download your library and drag and drop it to the corresponding directory in the ZN Framework You can have 2 external libraries in the ZN Framework ,

Directory: Projects / Any / Libraires /
Directory: External / Libraries /



# Project Libraries

Directory: Projects / ProjectDirectory / Libraries /

A library of your own libraries.



# External Libraries

Directory: External / Libraries /

Your library will take this directory and apply to all projects. Thus, you can use your project by changing your project library to this directory.



# Inclusion of Libraries

After you have put your libraries in the relevant directory, all you have to do is call the library. Thus, your library will be automatically integrated into the system without any settings. How to call libraries has been described in Object access methods.



# Use of Packages Installed with Composer

The following setting must be set to true in order to use packages downloaded with composer from Packagist .

For example, Symfony / translation You have downloaded the package and the directory where the progeny is located vendor / you can see a named directory and the directory and files of the package you downloaded. 

Configuration File: Settings / Autoloader.php
'composer' => true

If the path to the vendor / directory is headed, you must specify that path.

'composer' => 'External/vendor/autoload.php'