What is ZN Framework?

ZN Framework is an open source PHP Framework project with the philosophy of "Simplicity".

ZN Framework has "unique" functionalities which no other rivals have such as:

Multiple Project Development

It's most common "time stealer" problem for Developers to write same codes, functions or libraries again. Even if you build your own functions, libraries to use easily on other projects at least you need to copy these codes over and over again from one project to another.

This is no longer an issue with ZN Framework's native "Multiple Project Development" environment and folder structures (External - Internal - Projects). ZN Framework lets you to use same Models, Controllers, Libraries or anything you would like use from same file for all of your projects from a single ZN Framework "installation".

It doesn't matter where you would like to run your project.

On main domain, subdomain, other domains, folder or subfolder, wherever you wish.

Virtual Controller & Models

You don't need to have Controller and Model files for each Projects. You can place your files under folders on "External" directory and start to use same moment without copying files inside of each projects.

Less codes, less complexity.

Auto Theme Integration

Theme Integration processes are always pain for development teams. Times which developers were used to integrate each pages to Framework manually has been gone!

In the year of 2018, we use programming languages to operate easily by ZN Framework.

Just drag and drop your Theme ZIP File or Folder and stand on your back.

Your theme is ready with Views, Controllers, Masterpage, Template Wizard New Link Structures.

This is a revolutionary functionality for PHP Frameworks!

"ZN Framework is an open source project that we pay back what we owe to all developers community on internet."



# ZN Framework - Unique Features

Development Environment ZN Framework provides right Development Environment for you to code any sized projects in a shorter time than other rivals.
Quick & Simple Features like Virtual Controllers, Models, Multiple Projects, Theme Integrations are making progresses
easier and let you focus on what you would like to build.
High Performance

Provides you high performance with heavy libraries.

Simple Integration External Structures are able to easily integrated to Framework.
Multiple Projects ZN Framework is the first Framework which provides "Multiple Project Development" natively.
Life Cycle ZN Framework supports continuity of development.
Community Forum, Facebook and Github communities also ready for you to ask questions or solve problems quickly.



# ZN Framework - Supported Features

License PHP MVC Template Engine Theme Integration Developer Tools Database Platforms ORM Auth Rest Cache Multiple Project Development
MIT 7+  Standart Wizard Basic Devtools MySQL GrandVision Yes Yes File Yes
    HMVC   Butchery   Oracle       Wincache  
            ODBC       Memcache  
            SQLServer       Apc/u  
            Postgres       Redis  



# ZN Framework - Editions

Original Edition Original version of ZN Framework.
This version also installs other packages.
Fullpack Edition This version is set up to include all ZN Framework libraries, Powerpack and Devtools packages. The update process is executed through Devtools and Console application instead of composer. fullpack-edition
Single Edition This version has the directory structure of any project that belongs to the Projects / directory in the original version of ZN Framework. If there are not more than one project under the same roof, it may be preferable to use this version due to the simpler directory structure. single-edition
Creator's Edition It is the version that allows you to create your own code frame. In this version you design the directory structure by yourself. A version of Single Edition is a customizable version. custom-edition